Zen tennis

A new perspective on tennis, How can you enjoy and succeed in tennis at the same time?

present in Tennis for more than 40 years

former active competitor

certified tennis coach

participant of international Senior tournaments

member of the Slovenian Senior World Championships Team

member of the Slovenian Umpire Assotiation

Zen Tennis explorer


A new perspective on tennis, How can you enjoy and succeed in tennis at the same time?  How to beat the only true enemy on the tennis court – your very own fear? Would you like to build upon your tennis experience?

Having trained tennis and attended tournaments in my youth, I find it completely natural that I subsequently became a tennis coach.  I love tennis. It is one of the ways I lead my life. I also love India and spirituality.  While running spiritual trips all over India during recent 20 years, I have harboured the idea of combining spirituality (Zen) and tennis (sports).  What I am most fascinated by is the awareness that athletes can find themselves in an one-of-a-kind spiritual experience (zone) equalling the state of Oneness, Enlightenment or, put in sports terms, Ideal Performance State (IPS).

When you find yourself in this state, everything seems a piece of cake, you consistently hit the ball without having to strain yourself. You give it your best while fully enjoying yourself in your fulfilment and directly engaging in your very own (spiritual) tennis experience. As if you were in a trance. I am positive that this kind of state is not achieved by hazard or that it is meant for only a selected few but that everyone can reach this kind of state increasingly prevalent on their own accord and become conscious thereof. Zen needn’t be introduced into tennis (or into any sports activity in general) as it is already present.  Zen means to experience moments of inner peace or nirvana during an intense game as well as to transfer the experiences incurred into normal everyday life.

Zen Tennis can be availed of by:

+ people seeking to become an active tennis player and flirting with your first tennis lessons

+ active recreational tennis players seeking to train under professional supervision

+ people seeking to build upon their existing tennis experiences

+ couples and families

Basic steps how to practice Zen Tennis :


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