Scenar is an acronym for the body impact method and the devices used for this purpose.scenar







The device was developed as part of the Soviet space program and was designed as a small, portable, energy-efficient but extremely efficient apparatus that would preserve the health of astronauts and keep them in excellent physical and mental shape. This led to the invention of the universal non-invasive regulator of bodily functions – SCENAR.

The method is based on the principles of traditional Chinese medicine – acupuncture and acupressure knowledge – and recent electrotherapy advancements.

The original SCENAR devices and treatment protocols have been invented by A. Revenko and A. Karasyev. After the Soviet Union was disbanded, it became more readily available for the medical profession in large.

The SCENAR is registered in the Medical Technique Register kept by the Russian Ministry of Health and has been approved for application in medical practice.

Nowadays, it is used in various countries: Canada, USA, Australia, Germany, Switzerland, the Netherlands, the UK.



SCENAR therapy promotes the body function and helps to restore, maintain and optimise overall health and boost mechanisms of the immune system.

We know that the skin and internal organs are closely connected via the nerve system. The skin constitutes a “blueprint” which reflects the state of internal organs and systems in the human body. At the same time, it is also the largest human organ that facilitates perceiving stimuli from the outside world. Thanks to the aforementioned properties of SCENAR, it promotes the regulation of internal organ condition by operating on the skin.

SCENAR therapy is completely non-invasive and painless, it does not introduce any chemical substances to the body and does not exhibit any side effects.  SCENAR itself does not treat the body but merely promotes the self-healing process of the endogenous reserves of the body.

Its electrodes are placed on various parts of the skin, subject to the ailment you are suffering from. Stimulation zones are selected on the basis of ancient knowledge of Eastern medicine and present-day neuroscience.

Generally speaking, the therapy has a triple-level effect:

  • +Bio-chemical level: the device promotes the excretion of neuropeptides – natural medicinal substances.
  • +Bio-energy level: the device clears and regulates nerve and energy channels, thus restoring the flow of energy and information
  • +Information level: the device “reads” information from the skin surface via which it, in turn, generates an adjustable electric impulse transferred to the same part of the skin + surface.



  1. reanimative effect
  2. analgesic (painkilling) effect
  3. anti-inflammatory effect
  4. anti-allergic effect
  5. normalised vascular tone effect
  6. anti-swelling effect
  7. anti-bleeding effect
  8. anti-fever effect
  9. reparative effect
  10. regenerative effect
  11. cosmetic effect
  12. metabolism normalisation effect
  13. organ and system function normalisation effect
  14. reduction of prominence of pathological processes and promotion of rehabilitation processes
  15. facilitates the reduction of dosage of administered therapeutic drugs and any consequent side effect of medicamentous therapy


SCENAR therapy is intended for use in various branches of medicine as an integral part of complex treatment or as a separate set of therapies. It can be applied on people of all ages.

The SCENAR device should be used by health care professionals and requires at least basic medical knowledge, understanding of physiological processes and pathology of various medical conditions.

See how it works -> Video predstavitev na YouTubu

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