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Would you like to discover who you really are, what you want, what you do not want and wherein lies the purpose of life? Don’t know how to do it? Too lazy? You lack the time to take it upon you? Are you afraid to face the truth? It’s never too late and it’s never too early! Acquire the right Information for your personal Transformation!


Information 4 Transformation (I 4 T)


We live in an IT era, overloaded with information about everything and everyone from all over the world which more often than not proves confusing or leads us astray. With our I 4 T mindset we want to serve on the bandwagon of the time for change that we feel has come. Our innovative, personal and comprehensive approach aims to provide you with appropriate and tailored information and tools which will enable you to discover your inner potential and methods to bring it to fruition to the fullest extent in seemingly differing but intertwined areas.

You would probably also agree that it is pointless to merely debate spiritual topics and read spiritual books if the acquired information does not result in transformation. Learning which does not include any kind of endeavour to bring it all into practice is undoubtedly a waste of time.  And the clock never stops ticking. You are thus more than welcome to browse through our range of services that will enable you to combine business with pleasure.  Aware of the fact that the present is a result of the past and a seed of the future, you will be provided with professional and wholehearted support, regardless of the step in the journey within your-Self you are currently on.



Read the story about a 13-year-old boy. 

How to embark upon the path of realisation and search? The understanding of God during our childhood is limited to our immediate surroundings and the beliefs of our parents. As we grow up and mature we begin to wonder what God is really like. We realise that if we really wish to find God, to understand the meaning of life and our role in the world, we will have to dig deep and at length inside our very core. We need to ask ourselves who we truly are, where have we come from and where are we going. We need to know that what we’re searching for isn’t an answer to our question, but our principal state of awareness, because we’ve all come from the Oneness. The sooner we start our sincere spiritual quest, of which the goal is to transform, the easier it will be for us. This is not something to be put off until our lives are all but passed. Sai Baba said: “Start early, drive slowly, reach safely.” A good example of this is a story about a thirteen year old boy who began to wonder who he really was.

He eagerly wanted to go out into the world and search for an answer. When he told his parents that, they told him there was enough time for such quests and that he should first finish his primary and secondary education. After he was done with that, the desire for finding the truth still hadn’t left him, so he again wanted to go out into the world and search for his answer. His parents told him there was enough time for such wonderings and that he should go to university and focus on getting a college degree first. Being an obedient child, he listened and did what he was told. He eagerly studied and graduated with honours. When he brought home his degree he told his parents he was now leaving on his quest for the truth. His parents, however, just like all the times before, told him there was still time for that and that his task now was to find himself a good job and have a family. Indeed he obeyed: he found himself a good job, got married and soon had children.

When he then wanted to go out into the world, in search of the answers to his inner questions that had followed him throughout his life, his parents told him there was still time for that and that he should wait at least until his children finished education and have families of their own. As he finally lived to see that happen he happily announced to his entire family that he was now leaving but they said to him that he ought to wait and help take care of his grandchildren. At that time this grey-haired man realised he no longer was a child and determinedly replied that this was not his duty but that of his children and that he wasn’t going to wait a moment longer. He bade farewell and went out into the world. One evening, as he wandered the world during his quest for truth, he reached the edge of a forest where through the trees he noticed a small house and a faint light that was coming from it. He felt a strong attraction and his heart trembled. As he reached the house he knocked on the door and a voice from inside the house invited him to enter. When he opened the door he saw an old man sitting behind a desk with an open book laid on top of it. The old man greeted him and asked: “What took you so long? I have been waiting for fifty years for you. Read this book and you will get all the answers for which you’ve been longing for your entire life. The man sat behind the desk and began to read. He was reading through the whole night. Just as it became dawn, he read the last page of the book. He got all the answers he’d been searching for. He became enlightened and realised the Truth. The old man, who had greeted him the night before, was gone. He was the old man now. And just then, all the way on the other side of the world, a thirteen year old boy began to wonder who he really was, and what the true purpose of life was.

What World Do We Live In

The search for the Highest Truth is a long, slow journey which ordinarily lasts a whole lifetime, something which is implied in the story of the boy. To be successful in this quest, we, on top of sincere desire and fervent aspirations, also need God’s mercy, protection and guidance because this path is full of traps and dangers. The world that we live in today is a world bereft of values and consummated by selfishness and the ever present threat of collective death by mutual annihilation. Wars, crime, terrorism, poverty, child abuse, corruption, politics which serves but its own purpose, epidemics and ecological disasters are all reflections of the dark age of the Kali Yuga in which this wild material world that we’ve created has found itself. Baba spoke about this in 1974 when he stated that the ideal of high living standards has devastated human society, as it encourages competitive greediness of luxury and excessive consumption. Mankind has lost all control over its desire for wealth and pleasure and has become a slave to its wishes. Four decades later, the situation has far from improved.

Isaac Tigrett said that people today are subjected to a powerful mantra that is the illusion of this world: fame, sex, power and money. This has totally consumed us. We’re bombarded with these things on a daily basis through the internet, television, radio and the newspapers. One is willing to do anything to be wealthy, powerful, attractive and famous. One doesn’t care about other people, not even those who are closest, let alone the planet, which is dying because of the irresponsible attitude towards nature. But what you reap is what you sow. Tigrett mentioned in his 2009 Dallas speech that his neighbour and childhood friend Al Gore, whom the world public knows as the internationally acclaimed environmentalist and climate change activist, Nobel prize winner, former US senator and, later, Vice President, told him a story twenty years ago regarding the destruction of the earth’s biosphere.

He told him that every day we pump trillions of tons of toxins into the Earth and its atmosphere and, with that, poison our system of underground waters which then threatens the growth of plants, possibly leading to a food crisis. He spoke to him about the ozone holes and climate change, leading to the rising of sea levels, which could potentially flood major cities all across the world. This could lead to mass pandemic and the destruction of the global economy which is concentrated in coastal cities, such as New York, London, Mumbai, Shanghai… Finally, Gore told Tigrett that humans, with such an attitude towards the environment, were heading straight towards self-destruction, and that could have unimaginable consequences for the entire civilisation. For this, we’d only have ourselves to blame, not God. After this conversation Tigrett went to ask Sai Baba whether everything Al Gore had been telling him was true. Baba confirmed that, replying: “Yes, such is the truth. God allows Humankind to destroy Earth. Only when humans shall be on their knees, will they turn to God.”

(from Boyan’s book – Sai Baba and the Religion of Love)

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