Discover India ( 29.julij 2017) – 19 days

Visit the ashrams of Sai Baba, Ramana Maharshi, Sri Aurobindo, Indian countryside, Mysore with its breathtaking palace and parks, a crocodile farm, holiday on the East Indian cost.

become familiar with the spiritual richness of India by visiting various ashrams

become familiar with the rich Indian culture and history, the energy centre of the Earth

become familiar with the Indian countryside and rest on the Eastern Coast



Discover India (and your-Self) by Boyan is a programme intended to explore and become acquainted with the spiritual lifestyle in India.  Spirituality, personal transformation, mysticism, miracles, various religions and their mutually exhibited respect and intertwined nature constitute a practical experience.  The entire story of Part I of your trip will unfold at the birth place of Sathya Sai Baba and his ashram, Puttaparthi.  Even though Sai Baba, who is well-known for plentiful miracles, has already left his worn out and illness-stricken body, his divine energy continues its miraculous presence.  Undoubtedly, his greatest miracle lies in his love that circulates freely through the legion of visitors from all over the world, transforming them into better, more amicable and cheerful individuals.

During Part II of our journey, you get to become familiar with the rich natural and historical treasures of Southern India. The countryside with its many a fertile field, the royal palace, parks, millennium-old temple dedicated to the mountain renowned for being one of Earth’s chakras and other ashrams. A true never-never land.

Part II is followed by rest and relaxation in a fishing village on the Eastern Indian coast. Observe descendants of 5th century artists carving granite divinity statues, visit a crocodile farm, surrender to an Ayurvedic massage, feel the warm tropical sea and, last but not least, enjoy the exceptional cuisine.

In the end, make a stop in India’s fourth largest metropolis, Madras.  Visit the cathdral of Jesus’ disciple, the disbelieving Apostle Thomas who was active in the area and died there in 50 A. D.



Day 1: BANGALORE – PUTTAPARTHI Transfer from the Bangalore airport to Puttaparthi.  Check into a hotel in the immediate vicinity of the ashram where you will be based (accommodation at the ashram itself upon request). As soon as everyone is gathered, take an orientation walk around the ashram to become acquainted with the daily activity routine, the location and working hours of self-service restaurants, shops, the bookshop … start off by a refreshing actual coconut.

Day 2 – – Day 7 PUTTAPARTHI You are now in Sai Baba’s ashram, which is one of the largest and best organised ashrams in the world that provides you with ideal conditions and circumstances to work on yourself and to experience inner transformation.  Have you been seeking answers to important questions or experiencing any heart’s desires or issues that you cannot seem to solve or have you been on the lookout for inner peace like every other human being on the planet?  Do not worry, you have come to the right place.  Every morning and afternoon, attend the Samadhi Darshan, during which you experience an exceptionally powerful connection with Sai Baba’s energy at his final resting place. Explore the depths of your essence. Surrender to the sounds of bajans, group chanting, which ends with an arathi.  Visit a museum dedicated to Sai Baba, documenting his entire work and life.  Yes, including his miracles.  Visit a specialist hospital which provides free-of-charge world claas health care services.  Visit the Tree of Wishes, Baba’s birth house, the Meditation Tree, the International Sports Centre, Music Academy, elementary school, high school and university and take a ride on a riksha.  If you want, you can also experience an Ayurvedic or Tibetan massage.  Boyan holds his information 4 transformation programmeslika26012007-076 which includes lectures on current topics, meditations and more … as well as special guests who share their personal experience with Sai Baba.  Ashram nutrition also constitutes a special chapter in the story.  Ashram cuisine constitutes a true gastronomic and spiritual experience.

Day 8: PUTTAPARTHI – MYSORE After breakfast, a truly exciting ride awaits you.  A truly intense experience.  Field after field, village after village, city after city, even a metropolis (Bangalore).  Fifteen kilometres before Mysore lies an orphanage where Sai Baba’s miracles take place (his sacred ash vibhuti has been appearing in its own right on his photo for over thirty years, while a honey-like liquid called amrita has been pouring from his figurine).

Day 9 – Day 10 MYSORE A city of incense and sandalwood products that seeks to preserve its rich cultural and historical heritage.  Before India gained its independence, Mysore served as the capital of Mysore Princely Kingdom with a maharaja at its head who continues to live in his stunning palace (one of the largest and most beautiful in the world) which can also be visited by the public. You may even ride an elephant if you are so inclined.  Pleasant lunch or dinner accompanied by traditional Indian music at hotel, which used to serve as a palace for the king’s patrons, will provide you with an unforgettable aristocratic experience. Visit the Chamundi Temple against the backdrop of the city, where you can enjoy breathtaking views and observe the 5-metre-high statue of the Nandi Bull, one of the largest monolithic creations in India.  Mysore also includes an ashram of a saint that heals with music and exquisite botanic and bonsai gardens. The city also contains one of the largest Christian cathedrals in India.


Fast train journey to the capital city of Southern India, filled with interesting explanations about the region. Travel from the Karnataka state to one of the largest and oldest Indian states, Tamil Nadu.  Travel from Chennai to Mahabalipuram, 60 kilometres away. Rest properly on the sandy beaches of the Bay of Bengal.

Day 12–14 MAHABALIPURAM Mahabalipuram is a small fishing village, dotted with temples that date back to 5th century A.D. Visit most local historical sights and observe artists carving granite divinity statues, for which they are well-known all over the country. Visit a crocodile farm with crocodiles from all over the world, see cobras and how their poison is removed by their trainers for pharmaceutical purposes. Yes, you might have seen this on the National Geographic or Discovery Channel and now you are standing at the very spot this takes place. Would you be in favour of a bicycle trip to local fishermen and of trying their traditional lunch? What about an Ayurvedic massage, being pampered on the beach or by the swimming pool? The food is to die for. Treat yourself to a sunset above the sea on the Eastern Indian coast.

Day 15–16: MAHABALIPURAM-PONDICHERRY-GINGEE-TIRUVANAMALI After breakfast, travel to the former French colony Pondicherry. Visit the city and the ashram of one of the most significant spiritual teachers and reformers in India, Sri Aurobindo.  Spend the night at the hotel.  After breakfast, first set out to Gingee where you visit the magnificent remains of the 15th century Vijayanagar Empire. Continue your journey to the prestigious eco resort in Tiruvanamali, where you are welcomed by their traditional foot massage. You may even have your future told by a parrot. Visit Ramana Maharshi ashram. Dinner in a German restaurant. Breakfast at the hotel.india-402

Day 17–18 TIRUVANAMALAI What a great variety is to be experienced during the few days spent in this city below the Sacred Mountain Arunachala, regarded as one of the Earth’s chakras. Tiruvanamalai has been made famous all over the world by the great sage, saint and teacher Ramana Maharshi, whose presence can still be powerfully felt at his ashram, even though he died in 1950.  Ascend the rockface midst the Sacred Mountain, where the sage spent 7 years of his life. Visit the renowned millennium-old temple and take the pilgrimage route around Arunachala, dotted with temples. Tiruvanamalai is a powerful spiritual and energy centre that will not leave you indifferent. Explore Hinduism to further detail to better understand the reasons behind the Indian lifestyle and the way of life of the Indian population. You may also ascend the peak and visit a poor children home where our groups are always received with open arms.

Day 19 TIRUVANAMALAI-CHENNAI After breakfast and morning meditation, travel to the 10-million-inhabitant metropolis Madras, renamed Chennai many years ago. You are now headed to the cathedral of the disbelieving Apostle Thomas who worked in India in the 50s A.D. and completed his life’s mission in the area.  You might even catch mass or a wedding ceremony. The visit is followed by an experience-sharing dinner. The programme is thus completed. Fulfilled, content and filled with energy, new challenges placed in front of you await.india-506


Price per person in a double room: from EUR 1370

The price includes (min. 15 pax): accommodation, all transportation and visits including entrance fees according to the programme, local English-speaking guide, tips, organisation and programme implementation costs (Kompas).

Accommodation on bed&breakfast basis:  7 nights with breakfast hotel close to Sai Baba’s ashram (upon request also at the ashram itself), 7 nights 4* hotel , 4 nights 3* hotel.

To book, make enquiries about the content of the programme and other matters, please contact:  india-528 , +386 41 411 290Contact form.

General Terms and Conditions are an intgral part of the programme. The programme is carried out under the formal auspices of the world-renowned and award-winning Slovenian travel agency Kompas through which all payments are carried out.

Hotels are listed according to local classification.

Programme drawn up on 1 December 2016.

This programme can be combined with the Northern India Programme

Price per person in a double room: from EUR 3,270



The price includes: all services listed for both programmes and Economy Class flight from Southern India to New Delhi.




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