Discover India (14. avgust 2017) – 16 days

North India – 29 July 2017 Ladakh, New Delhi, Jaipur, Taj Mahal

"Little Tibet" or Ladakh with the highest motorable pass in the world, Khardung La (5602 m)

"Pink City" – Jaipur, capital city of the desert state Rajasthan

Agra and the immortal monument of love – Taj Mahal

Capital of India – New Delhi


24-3-2009-10_56_25Your journey starts in Ladakh or “Little Tibet” as referred to the high mountain range area north of the Himalayas by the Indus River. The Tibetans are one of the kindest people on the planet with a heavenly air.  A wonderful landscape with many a colourful monasteries inhabited by monks with an ever-lasting smile on their face is already awaiting you.  One of the most multi-cultural countries in the world shows a completely new face.  Becoming familiar with Tibetan tantric Buddhism, you seek to understand how the locals manage to lead a happy life despite the austere conditions they live in.

The highest motorable pass in the world, Khardung La (5602 m) is a different kettle of fish in this incredible high mountain region story.  After most likely setting your personal altitude record, you descend to the Valley of Flowers, Nubra, travelling over the mind-blowing psychedelic landscape, magical Buddhist monasteries and riding a special double-humped Bactrian camel on 3000 m of altitude on the ancient caravan Silk Road.

The Indian capital New Delhi and Agra with the unforgettable monument of love, Taj Mahal, regarded as one of the Seven Wonders of the World. In Delhi, you visit a Hindu, Sikh, Muslim, Bahaj and Jainistic temple and thus become familiar with various religions in a practical way, observing the unbelievable respect, understanding and closeness that exist among them. An “essential” experience to become familiar with “Unity in diversity”.dscf0730

The global precious and semi-precious stone trade centre Jaipur, experience medieval royal extravagance, ride an elephant, undertake a safari on a camel’s back, etc.


Day 1–2 DELHI After meeting in the Indian capital, transfer to the hotel. The entire group meets. The afternoon is spent visiting the Indian capital experienced through its oldest part first.  Old Delhi served as the Muslim India capital between the 11th and 18th centuries. Many remnants from the period still remain. Visit the famous Djami Masjid (third largest) mosque in the world and marvel at its one-of-a-kind architecture.  Be absorbed by the Chandi Chowk market that you visit on a riksha. The following day, visit a few other sights and specific features of the city such as the striking Birla Temple to God Vishnu, the Lotus Temple of the Bahaj religious community, the Bangla Sikh temple and treat yourself to a true Indian lunch and dinner. An intense multi-cultural experience.

Day 3 DELHI – LEH After being transferred to the airport in the early morning, embark on an attractive flight over the highest mountain range in the world, the 2000 km long and 500 km wide Himalayas. After landing in the capital of Ladak state, Leh, at 3500 metres above sea level,  check into your hotel, acclimate and visit the city that constitutes the heart of Tibetan culture.

Day 4 LEH Start off the day with a visit of Shanti Stupa on a marvellous panoramic point. The Japanese stupa was erected in 1985 to promote world peace. Walk through the myriad of streets in the older part of the city until you reach its centre with diverse products and services on offer, from souvenir shops to shops with traditional products to a multitude of restaurants, shops and markets.  Upon request, you can also attend a traditional singing and dancing performance. The full-board accommodation in your beautiful hotel includes continuous pampering by its charming and kind staff.gandhi

Day 5 LEH – trip to the SHEY, TIKSE and HEMIS villages After breakfast, take a jeep to the nearby valleys and villages.  At Shey, visit a Tibetan Buddhist monastery (gompa) at an exceptional location that boasts the largest metal statue of Buddha in Ladakh. The copper gold-plated statue is 12 metres high. Only a few kilometres away, find the Tikse village and a breathtaking monastery, an extraordinary example of Ladakh architecture. There is no place like the roof from where you can look almost into infinity … or have you perhaps landed on the Moon? After soaking up the incredible vistas, travel to Hemis and visit some more exquisite remnants of Tibetan history.  Return back to the hotel. Dinner.

Day 6 LEH – Khardung La (5602 m) – DISKIT After an early breakfast, travel to the highest motorable mountain pass in the world! Khardung La has constituted an important pass for trade caravan from China, crossed over by about 10,000 horses and camels per year, since time immemorial! You take a jeep instead. Khardung La definitely constitutes one of the highlights of your trip! After several hours of an adrenaline-filled ride, hug and congratulate one another – perhaps for even your personal altitude record.  After a short stop, descend to the other side, towards the Nubra Valley.  During your ride, be enthralled by the fascinating high mountain region landscape that even grows green close to rivers.  Spend the night and have dinner in one of the simple hotels found in Diskit.

Day 7–8 DISKIT – HUNDER – SUMUR – PANAMIK – DISKIT After breakfast, travel to the magical monastery traditionally frequented by the spiritual leader of all Tibetans, His Holiness, the Dalai Lama.  One of the prettiest, most well-kept and maintained monasteries in the region. Views from the highest floor take your breath away. Time stands still. Linger with ease. Experience a complete retreat within and without. Natural meditation. Return to the hotel for lunch and rest.  In the afternoon, travel to the nearby Hunder village and past real high mountain region sand dunes to a camel post where you are treated to a short safari on special double-humped Bactrian camels, riding them at 3000 metres above sea level. Pinch yourself in your face, is it all real?  Return to Diskit, dinner, overnight stay.  On the following day, after breakfast, take a trip to Sumur with a large monastery complex that serves as a training centre for young monks and keeps a large collection of Tibetan Buddhist paintings – tankghs. Continue along the road until you reach its end in Panamik.  Have you reached the end of the world? Panamik is also known for its warm thermal and therapeutic water source that can also be drunk. Another crazy and new thing. Return to Diskit in the afternoon, awaited by a cup of tea and dinner. Overnight stay.slika26012007-391

Day 9 DISKIT – LEH Leave this remote and unique valley after breakfast.  Get your teeth again into the slope leading to the mountain pass Khardung La (5602 m). Slowly reach the top of the pass with breaks in-between, record it as one of those unforgettable events that you get to experience for the second time in a row.  Be in awe of the view of Ladakh with its cities, valleys, rivers… below. Descend to Leh and reach the city centre during the late afternoon.  After settling at your hotel, treat yourself to a free evening on the city streets, shop and enjoy the mountain atmosphere, the specific features of Tibetan cuisine … Overnight stay at the hotel.

Day 10 LEH Visit two more monasteries nearby and enjoy the unworldly views of the Tibetan landscape.  If you want to, you can also give a short rafting trip along the river Ind including a picnic on the shore (which is completely safe, no worries!) a go.  Return to Leh. Free time for one last souvenir shopping spree and hanging out with the locals.

Day 11 LEH – DELHI After an early breakfast, travel to the airport to fly to the Indian capital. The flight over the Himalayas will stay etched in your memory forever. After arriving to Delhi, travel to the city centre where you check into your hotel. During the afternoon, visit some of New Delhi’s sights such as Mahatma Gandhi’s tomb, the Parliament building, etc. New Delhi was built by the British in the 19th century and turned into the seat of the government. Overnight stay at the hotel.india-2-344

Day 12 DELHI – AGRA Travel to the 16th and 17th century capital of the Mogul Empire, Agra, located 200 kilometres away.  Visit a true city within a city, its fortress, and, of course, one of the greatest Wonders of the World, Taj Mahal, immortal monument of love. Relieve the pulse of India of that period in time. Overnight stay at the hotel.

Day 13 – 15 AGRA – JAIPUR From Agra, travel to the capital city of the desert state Rajasthan, Jaipur, which is also one of the major global precious and semi-precious stone processing and sales centres.  You may even end up purchasing a diamond, ruby or emerald. Observe how carpets and silk are made. Also visit the age-old observatorium, which is still in operation, the Palace of the Winds, the City Palace etc. Elephants take you to the Amber fortress, providing you with a true experience of royal life.

DAY 16 JAIPUR – DELHI Return to New Delhi.  If you wish to do so, you can also stop for a camel safari including lunch.  Afternoon: free for shopping and exploration of your choosing. Joint farewell dinner and overnight stay. Share your experiences. The programme is thus completed. Fulfilled, content and filled with energy, new challenges placed in front of you await.


Price per person in a double room: from EUR 1,970slika26012007-454

The price includes (min. 15 pax.): accommodation, Delhi – Leh – Delhi flight, all transportation and visits including entrance fees according to the programme, local English-speaking guide, tips, organisation and programme implementation costs (Kompas).

Accommodation (on bed & breakfast basis): 4 nights 4* hotel, 4 nights 5* hotel, in Leh: 5 nights A classification hotel (full board), 3 nights simple hotel (full board)

To book, make enquiries about the content of the programme and other matters, please contact: , +386 41 411 290Contact form.


General Terms and Conditions are an intgral part of the programme. The programme is carried out under the formal auspices of the world-renowned and award-winning Slovenian travel agency Kompas through which all payments are carried out.


Hotels are listed according to local classification.

Programme drawn up on 1 December 2016.



The trip around Ladakh is not a trekking trip and can be made by anyone.


This programme can be combined with the MYSTERIOUS INDIA  Programme

Price per person in a double room: from EUR 3,270


The price includes: all services listed for both programmes and Economy Class flight from Southern India to New Delhi.




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