Spiritual India


India – The Land of Age-Old Wisdom

If you are ready, you may experience a personal transformation in India! Even though every single person experiences this country in their own way, it does not leave anyone untouched. Discover India (and your-Self) with our by Boyan programmes. International groups! Promotional year 2017/18.

present in India for more than 30 years

has guided few thousand people during India trips

author of two bestsellers

first president of the Slovenian Sai Organisation

master of the Enlightenment Intensive, Mind Clearing Therapist


Testimonials of a few of our fellow travellers:

Andrej Šifrer, musician:

India is no longer never-never land but a rainbow of images, impressions and a country where the impossible plants a kiss on reality. Visiting it with a "leader" such as Boyan, it also opens up a dimension that I had failed to recognise during my previous trips all over the world.

Boris Vene, entrepreneur and author of the bestseller "From the Millionaire's Diary …'':

India has granted me a new horizon and physical proof of higher awareness.

Tone Vorina:

This land of affectionate and peaceful people has provided me with faith and purpose of life.

Programmes 2020

A few exclusive programmes commonly known as “Discover India (and your-Self) by Boyan” have been drawn up. A comprehensive approach that combines theory and practice, facilitating a hands-on experience of the country, brings about a lot of practical knowledge and interior fulfilment.  Lectures, exercises, meditations and hands-on work on yourself bring meaning to words and feelings such as energy, aura, ayurveda, yoga, chakras, mysticism, miracles, enlightenment, karma, divine love, etc.

India is not a tourism country in the traditional sense of the word where one would travel to visit cultural sights and have fun.  India needs to be properly experienced, its rich history and spiritual values going far beyond anything the human mind could possibly imagine.  When you surrender to the Indian rhythm and customs so far away from your usual environment and let go of all worries, responsibilities and roles you play back at home, you start to discover yourself from within, awakening your essence, your truth that suddenly oozes onto the surface as a powerful force, supporting you on your way to important discoveries and answers.  This is also one of the main reasons for such a sheer number of people from all over the globe who keep on returning.

Having visited it more than 70 times, I have gained a lot of experience in my passion, love and inspiration. You will be attended to devotedly and whole-heartedly by my friends from the Kompas travel agency. You will get to visit various ashrams, palaces, temples and churces, rest on exquisite sand beaches, ride an elephant, become acquainted with rich Indian cuisine, history, various cultures and religious, all in all, the trip will provide you with a great variety, excitement and educational value.  And, last but not least – by far, India is not merely the Taj Mahal, but also a land of antique wisdom personified by jogis, sages, saints and avatars.  Experience India in its truest form.

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